Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Amusement Park in Berlin

We went to Berlin last November to visit Pictoplasma animation festival. I was walking around the city in the evening and saw this closed amusement park. It was nearly a full moon so the lighting was incredible. It's a pitty that I didn't have tripod with me. But you can feel the mood in this blurry photo. I didn't bother to adjust colors afterwards, I just added this little monkey character in TVPaint. I hope you like it.


Juampa said...

Amazing Dude!

The lighting is so well done in the Monkey! And yes!, I think you had captured the right mood in the scene!

Congratullations for your nice stuff!!

GhettoFab said...

wow wow and wow!! This is sweet! Love how the monkey fits into it

Joern said...

Great Job, cool monkey!! And a great lightning(i had to look twice)
And Berlin is sooooo cool, i was there before two weeks ...

qstom said...

Nice mix¡
I like very much your characters¡ and the cats sketch is Amazing¡¡
Good job¡