Thursday, April 24, 2008

sketching, lipsyncing

I visited Manchester couple of weeks ago. The whole weekend was brilliant. Thanks! These sketches are from Manchester Piccadilly station. I was waiting for a friend for about 45 mins and luckily I had my sketchbook with me. It was really nice, drinking beer, sketching and watching people coming and going. (all size A4, 2-3 sketches per page, fiber-tip pen, 4 pints of lager ;) )

I have to say that I like large sketchbooks more, I bought this Moleskin sketchbook. It is nice and tiny, but I really don't feel comfortable drawing that small. Here's couple of sketches from that sketchbook too.

Here's a short lipsync test I did using TVPaint. I want to use them cowboy characters in something.