Wednesday, June 27, 2007

cintiq stuff

TVPA limited lipsync test. Movie quote from Snatch.

Scribbles with Cintiq. The girl in the picture was supposed to be a "caricature" of my sister. To be honest you couldn't recognize her from this, I just wanted to test if I could do any Photoshop painting. It's not looking good. As you can see it's not even nearly finished piece so all pointers and tips using color and Photoshop are welcome. Maybe I'll finish it someday... or I'll stick to burning wood ;)


Anonymous said...

nice sketch and colors
the girl has alot of cartoonish appeal

GhettoFab said...


kik ass round! great lipsync test and great pics to boot

thanks for some great inspiration joonas

G1toons said...

Orcinus orca is Killer whale, well we both learnt something knew, this world of art is great, like the character with the head phones, real nice, and cool lip sync, that was from "snatch" right funny movie

Mike Mac said...

dude your stuff is crazy good! i love those fish!

messytimbo said...

like it really funny. i love that qoute

diemischi said...

hey joonasjoonas,
thank your for your comment :-D
Your blog is great!
I like a lot your fishyfishes, the designs are so cool ;-)
nice greetings,
die mischi

dintoons said...

neat lil digital sketch! the b&w piece looks spunky and alive!! :o)

Richard Gaines said...

Joonas! The color scheme on that girl is amazing! You make it look so simple.

Re: the fish, yeah, I wasn't really too keen on parties least that's what I think he was saying.

aksel said...

Good work !

i want to know if the cintiq is better than a simple wacom like an intuos3 ?

13toon's said...

man your really kick a$$ man, great work, will be using your blog for some needed inspiration. well bye 4 now

ken said...

hey nice work!

ken :D

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

nice lady, liked to see the steps also, you adde a cool light in the end.