Tuesday, May 29, 2007

quickies, rotoscope test

Here's some sketches and a rotoscoping test. Rotoscoping was done with pencil and paper. video was projected to a seetrough plastic piece via projector. Original video is from gettyimages.com. This was just a fun test if a video projector can display small enough screen for rotoscoping.


Mikko said...

hyvä pöhinä jäbän rotos..


Richard Oud said...

He, awesome stuff!
I really like the pose and the perspective on spidey.. great job dude!

Catriel Tallarico y Silvana Benaghi said...

muchas gracias por los comentarios en el blog (la segunda imagen es un bicho) JA!, me alegra que te guste el material.
Por otro lado muy buen post el tuyo, me encantan tus diseños de personajes.

GhettoFab said...

JOONAS!! Man so many good things in this post!! love that spidey and the rotoscope test is kik ace

Very energetic post

Andy J. Latham said...

Fantastic use of exaggerated perspective, your drawings are really impressive!

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Mike.Gauss said...

she is comin at ya with her crotch !!!! crazy perspective on spidey ! nice work

Jörn Gebert said...

Yeah, very crazy perspectives, and nice character drawings as well. good post, i'll be back

G1toons said...

i like the African chic, like the force perspective on spidey nice stuff

shou' said...

Spidey for the win! :D

dintoons said...

OOOOOH!!! sweeet perspective!!!
man, these are faaantaastic!! :O

kike said...

is terrible , but what i can do? hahahaha
is a joke bro
i so fucking proud of you and your art you are really good man as always you got the touch ok

keep moving man

your firts movie is coming soon i sure

moi bro
pura vida mae


kike said...

esta tan bueno que solo lo puedo escribir en espanol
de verdad

muy bueno nino