Wednesday, January 10, 2007

waitin' for snow

I can't remember winter like the one we're having now in Finland. No snow, just raining all the time. I'm waiting for a nice little snow storm as you can see in my Photoshop drawing here.

Back in school, drawing classes start next week, can't wait.


Catriel Tallarico y Silvana Benaghi said...

uuuuuhh!, buenisimo, buenisimo!!
saludos joonas


Mike.Gauss said...

this is great !! NICE WORK ! my family is from finland aswell, but i have never been there. i get more than enough snow were i live. in fact last nite we had a blizzard, oh joy...... and today i was going to wear my finland hockey jersey but for some reason it is missing. bummer. keep up the nice work !

Mikko said...

Ihan superhieno piirros Cohari!


ELiza Jäppinen said...

This one is really great! Beautiful atmosphere... Helsinki is chillin, it was snowing last night. Hope you are doing well!